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The Best Pod Mods

In the last few years in the electronic cigarette market, the Pod Mods of small discrete devices with excellent performance have established themselves in terms of sales volume and public appreciation.
With this ranking (based on sales volumes and feedback from our customers) we want to provide a tool to guide you in choosing this kind of device.
Enjoy the reading.

What is a Pod Mod?

The pod mod is an electronic cigarette, evolution of the first pen-style models, compact and easy to use. Pod mods consist of a battery (Mod) and a tank with head (Pod) with the liquid inside.
The Pods can be pre-loaded with liquid (closed system see myblu or lixe) or refillable with a ready liquid (justfog minifit, ipha zing, smok nord and others).
The Mods (battery / device), on the other hand, have automatic or push-button activation and, except for some models, they do not have advanced configurations (e.g. variable power, temperature control, presets)

Smok Novo 2S Kit

Novo 2S kit. It is powered by 800mAh built-in battery with USB Type-C charging. The Led Stealth indicator can clearly show the battery level status whenever you need it. The automatic drawing system starts the fresh puffs by inhaling directly through the mouthpiece. In addition, the Smok Novo 2S Pod Kit is designed with several grooves around the electrode body to temporarily block the condensation generated during vaping. It also features two Novo 2 transparent pods (0.9ohm mesh coil), which is perfect for MTL vapes to enjoy the purest vapero. With side fill system and 1.8ml E-Juice juice capacity, you can enjoy different flavors for a fresher experience. Smok Novo 2S Pod Kit also adopts bilateral U-shaped airflow channel to bring you more air inflow and smooth taste. In addition, the structurally stable mesh coil allows for faster heating and better flavor. Multiple protections definitely protect more reliable vaping. Take it

Brand Smoke
Product name Novo 2S Kit.
Size 24.5 * 14.5 * 91.55mm
Battery capacity 800 mAh built-in battery
Loading Type-c charge
Compatible with Novo 2 Clear pods (0.9ohm mesh coil)
Pod capacity 1.8ml e-juice juice capacity
Standby current. 20UA (no load), 50UA (load)
Input voltage 3.3V-4.2V.
Output voltage 3.0V-3.5V.
4W-20w output wattage.
Resistance range 0.6ohm-2.5ohm.
Charging current Max 0.5a.
Charging voltage 5V ± 0.2V
Surcharge 4.3 V ± 0.05V.
Excessive discharge voltage 2.4V ± 0.05V.
Current overload 1a ± 0.6a.
Color Black armor, red armor, blue armor, green armor, white armor, red gray armor, blue gray armor, green rasta armor, 7 color armor

Smok Novo 2S Details:

    1. Ultra-thin, lightweight and portable design

    2. Unique texture and anti-fingerprint design for flawless look

    3. Ergonomic design for easy grip and convenient one-handed operation

    4. Powered by built-in 800mAh battery, durable in use

    5. Stealth LED Indicator, USB Type-C Charged

    6. Automatic activated design to bring fresh puffs

    7. Grooves to temporarily block the condensation generated during vaping

    8. Double-sided U-shaped airflow channel, more air inflow and smooth taste

    9. Two pods Clear Novo 2 (0.9ohm Meshed Coil) Perfect for MTL vapes

    10. Structurally stable structural mesh coil for faster heating and better flavor

    11. 1.8ml e-juice capacity, side fill system

    12. Multiple protections: Lithium crayon / Atomizer / 8 seconds CUT-OFF / Short circuit / Low voltage protection

Smok Novo 2S Vape Kit Package comes with:
1 * Novo 2S Smoker Device (800mAh)
2 * Smok Novo 2 Clear pods (0.9ohm mesh, 1.8ml)
1 * Type-C cable
1 * User Manual


Nord X Pod Kit - Smok

Ultra compact and ultra stylish, the Nord X pod kit is certainly one of the most beautiful pods from the SMOK brand. All in finesse, this ecig fits perfectly in the palm of the hand Despite its small size, it has a 1500 mAh battery for comfortable autonomy. Very easy to use, you turn it on, you adjust the power with the + and - buttons on the edge and that's it.

Adjustable from 5 to 60 Watts, you will then be able to make the most of the RPM and RPM2 resistors, as well as the RPM RBA plate.

The 0.69 ”OLED display on the side lets you view your settings at a glance.

Two cartridges are supplied with the pod:
1x RPM cartridge of 6ml capacity with its RPM Mesh resistance of 0.4 ohm impedance

1x RPM2 cartridge of 6m, with its RPM2 resistance of 0.16 ohm.

These resistors will be used with e-liquids rich in VG to exploit their full potential.

Recommended eliquid:

Eliquid with a lot of VG (> 50%)

Nord X pod kit: a cheap pod for whom?

Particularly simple to use, this pod is primarily intended for vapers who don't want to bother with complex settings. Pods are the main target of vapers looking for simplicity. They are also very popular with anyone who needs to transport their gear easily, anywhere. Indeed, the particularity of pods, like this Nord X pod, is generally their compactness. With only 100mm in height, 31mm in width and 21mm in depth, this Nord X pod by SMOK is very discreet.

Small but also ergonomic thanks to a particularly well-crafted design, this Nord X pod will inevitably find its place in the palm of the hand, whether you have a large or a small hand.
So if you want to get started in the world of vaping without going overboard with many settings and with enough power to please you, then this Nord X pod kit from SMOK is THE pod for you.

What exactly is a Nord X pod by SMOK

Electronic cigarettes, you know. They consist of two elements: a battery and a clearomizer. Both are screwed together. While there are quite a few e-cigs out there, the vast majority come in a fairly large size. In general, the pod comes to the rescue of those who need ultra compact vaping equipment, while remaining elegant and efficient: all that characterizes the Nord X pod.

But after all, what exactly is a pod? It's an ultra-simplified version of an electronic cigarette. Generally, the pod consists of a battery, to which a cartridge is attached (system of clips or magnets depending on the model). This cartridge is actually a simplified version of the clearomizer of a classic electronic cigarette.

The cartridge therefore directly integrates: the drip tip (often molded directly from the cartridge), an airflow (adjustable or not) as well as a resistance, sometimes removable, as here with the Nord X pod from SMOK.

What autonomy for your Nord X pod?

Where the bottom often hurts with pods is in terms of battery life. Here, SMOK strikes a blow by integrating a battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh in its Nord X pod. It might seem pretty limited at first, but it isn't. Indeed, this is a capacity that should allow you to enjoy a good autonomy with regard to the minimal consumption of this type of pod. Of course, this will still depend on the power to which the pod is set, but also on your vaping rate.

When it comes to charging, SMOK announces a full charge in just 75 minutes.

Maximum power revised upwards for this Nord X pod!

If the teams at SMOK have flanked it a battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh, it is also because the Nord X pod is capable of reaching a maximum power of 60 Watts. It was therefore important to integrate a battery with sufficient capacity so as not to run out of power at the slightest press of the fire button.

In fact, you can adjust the power of your Nord X pod from 5 to 60 Watts at your convenience thanks to the two adjustment buttons located on the edge. But we invite you to respect the recommended power ranges according to the resistances installed in the pod cartridge.

Follow your vape thanks to the control screen

Although this type of pod is super easy to use, especially for beginners to vaping, SMOK had the ingenious idea of ​​incorporating a control screen allowing you to view all your settings in the blink of an eye. Practice. The screen is located on the edge of the pod and is perfectly readable even in bright conditions.

This control screen displays the following essential data: the battery charge level, the power to which your pod is set or the resistance impedance installed in the cartridge.

Simple but effective information, which can always be useful!

Vary the cartridges, to vary the pleasures

When we tell you that the Nord X pod from SMOK has arguments in terms of autonomy, we are not kidding. Imagine instead: the cartridges compatible with this pod are capable of accommodating up to 6 ml of e-liquid. 6 ml! Even among the classic electronic cigarette kits, it is still quite rare to find a clearomizer capable of receiving so much e-liquid.

SMOK has also seen fit to offer two different types of cartridges.

The first cartridge is a conventional 6ml RPM cartridge. It is fully compatible with RPM resistors and the RPM RBA plate. SMOK also provides a 0.4ohm (25W) RPM Mesh resistor to go with it.

The second cartridge is an RPM2 cartridge, also 6ml. This will only be compatible with RPM2 resistors. Moreover, this cartridge is automatically supplied in the kit with an RPM2 Mesh resistor with an impedance of 0.16 ohm (25-50W)

With this pod, you will therefore have plenty of time to try several coils and therefore benefit from different vaping sensations. You can then vary in particular between direct and indirect vaping according to your desires of the moment.

Filling the RPM / RPM2 cartridge

In keeping with the pods' desire for simplicity, the Nord X pod is no exception to the rule. No need to remove the cartridge from the battery to fill, everything is done on the side via a small filling hole protected by a small rubber cap, then simply lift the cap then insert your e-liquid pipette, fill, and go. is played. You can then close the cap and vape in peace.

How do I replace the resistance of my Nord X pod kit cartridge?

To change the resistance of your cartridge, RPM or RPM2, you will first have to extract the cartridge from the battery.

Once the cartridge is in your hands, everything happens from below. You will then only have to pull on the resistance to extract it from its housing. Enter the new coil, then prime it by adding a few drops of e-liquid at the level of the cottons visible all around, then insert it in place of the old one. Once replaced, to be able to put the cartridge back on the battery, make sure that the cartridge is well filled to the level of the e-liquid then wait a few minutes.

Contents of the box

• 1 x north X (1500 mAh)

• 1 x Nord X RPM 2 pod (RPM 2 Mesh 0.16Ω resistance preinstalled) (6 ml)

• 1 x Nord X RPM pod (RPM Mesh 0.4Ω resistance preinstalled) (6 ml)

• 1 x USB cable

• 1 x user manual

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